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About Us


MA+CH is a textile art + design brand founded by brother/sister duo, Marika + Charles Contompasis. The two began working together in 2002 and their creative exchange naturally evolved into art-focused fashion, and most recently decor.

Every product is designed, developed and produced in their studio with the finest natural fibers then dyed + painted using the patented process, Phly-Dye®. Collections form organically from their artwork, piece by piece, via an artistic process unlike any other in the world, all while keeping versatility + comfort in mind.

What began as Marika Charles sweaters has grown into MA+CH, where unique textile dye + printing methods intersect with fine art + design, all made by hand in their upstate NY studio.

From fashion to decor, MA+CH makes textile dreams a reality.

We create art you live in.

Phly-Dye® + ECO

Our complete control of design and production processes allows us uncompromised use of artwork and color while helping us reduce the waste of valuable resources.

It starts with our patented process Phly-Dye, which allows us many advantages over traditional garment dyeing and printing processes, including limited wasted fabric, dye and energy. Phly-Dye is also responsible for the unmistakable look MA+CH garments have. It affords our designers use of the entire color spectrum and complete control of patterning.

From there, we make a conscious effort to further limit waste. We make our own water-based colors + dyes, and only in the amounts we require. We dye + print our garments whole, leaving no unused scraps of dyed fabric.

It all adds up to a company that creates only what it needs.

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